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Monopoly GO Free Dice Rolls Links 2024

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Monopoly Go. But is it down?

Dice are key to progressing in Monopoly GO, and there are new opportunities every day to get free rolls by clicking on specific links. In this article, we’ll provide some active and safe links to dice rolls and other rewards in Monopoly GO for February 2024.

There are tons of free dice links available in Monopoly GO, with new ones dropping nearly every day. I’ve compiled a list of the active ones below. Before clicking, make sure you’re on the device you normally play on. Once clicked, you’ll end up in the Monopoly GO app and can claim your reward.

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DateReward & Link
Feb. 2325 Free Dice
Feb. 2225 Free Dice, 25 Free Dice, 25 Free Dice
Feb. 2125 Free Dice
Feb. 2030 Free Dice, 25 Free Dice
Feb. 1925 Free Dice, 25 Free Dice
Feb. 1825 Free Dice
Feb. 1725 Free Dice
Feb. 1625 Free Dice, 25 Free Dice
Feb. 1525 Free Dice, 20 Free Dice, 30 Free Dice
Feb. 1425 Free Dice
Feb. 1325 Free Dice
Feb. 1225 Free Dice
Feb. 1125 Free Dice, 25 Free Dice
Monopoly GO Free Dice Rolls Links

Sometimes there are also tokens for events like Partner Events. Check back for Puzzle Piece tokens during “Gift Partners” events.

If a link isn’t giving the reward, there are a few potential reasons:

  • The link may have expired. We try to remove expired links quickly but may miss some. The older the link, the more likely it’s expired.
  • You may have already claimed the dice. The game will say “This reward has already been claimed” if so. Since links are posted widely, you may have claimed it before.
  • You need to have unlocked Albums at level 15 to claim links. If you just started, you may not be eligible yet.

How to Stay Safe

Only use reputable websites you recognize and trust. Google any unfamiliar sites. Avoid random links on social media, which can hide malware. Stick to official communities like the game’s Facebook page and Discord.

Other Ways to Get Free Dice

Here are some other ways to get free dice rolls:

  • Connecting your account to Facebook and inviting friends
  • Adding your Contacts list
  • Claiming rewards in Friends -> Timeline
  • Collecting the Free Gift every 8 hours
  • Doing daily Quick Wins and Weekly Prizes
  • Landing on Free Parking
  • Rolling doubles on Go to Jail
  • Special bargains like “Endless Offer”
  • Finishing albums, increasing net worth, and finishing boards

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In summary, there are tons of opportunities to get free dice rolls in Monopoly GO. Our list provides active links for February 2024 that you can use to claim rewards. Be aware of potential issues like expired links or already claiming a dice roll. Also, use caution and only click links from reputable sites. Outside of links, focus on playing the game naturally, connecting with friends, and claiming timed rewards to maximize your free dice.


New links with free dice tend to come out almost daily, so check back frequently.

Yes, you need to click on the same device that has your game installed to properly credit the dice.

Most links expire after a certain period, so old links likely won’t work anymore. Stick to newly posted ones.

There’s no strict limit, but you can only claim each specific link once. New links provide more opportunities.

You risk malware, data theft, or other cyber attacks. Only use links from trusted sources and communities.

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